Resignation Advice

Wall Street Journal – Counter Offer Advice

It is important for your personal, professional and career development that you handle your resignation effectively.

  1. Notice should be give, on average you are required to give 1 calendar month’s notice but this all depending on level of responsibility. 
  2. Until you inform your Manager do not mention your resignation to anyone. 
  3. Be calm and respectful. Do not mention any negative reasons, even if asked.Do not feel obligated to share your salary that has been offered to you at the new company. 
  4. Should the current company decide to make a counter offer or advancements, you should then consider the potential implications should you accept. “Counter Offer Advice”
  5. You will need to work even harder to prove that you are not slacking off just because you resigned. Make sure that all current & completed projects are handed over to your manager before you leave with detailed information.
  6. Now that you have resigned, every grouch in the office will be at your desk to get the details. Avoid gossip!
  7. Be appreciative, no matter the reason why you are leaving. Express your appreciation to your Manager, your staff and those with whom you worked closely.

You want to be firm in your decision but you do not want to burn bridges!