Counter Offer Advice

Wall Street Journal Article on Counter Offers

Recruitment Agencies becomes familiar with the hiring and firing dynamics as well as the acceptance and resignation thereof.

The skills shortage in South Africa is a problem and companies to not want to lose their skilled employees – so most often we see an offer being made shortly to be followed by a counter offer. Accepting a counter offer is suicidal to your career.

Everyone in your current industry including your future employers will see you as money hungry and you will lose respect in your current work environment. In addition to this your current employer will no longer trust you, that as soon as you get something better you will hand in your resignation letter again. Any relationship that you had with this employer will be compromised and you might have damaged any future relationship with your future employers. Very often your current employers promise you things as they want to keep things going but they might very soon start to look at hiring someone else.

Make the right decision and do what is best for your career.

The Wall Street Journal article on ‘Counter Offers’ below makes for an interesting read